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Inspired by my love of travel and beauty in general, this Rooms with a View project is a collection of my writings and paintings of particularly beautiful hotels in historic locations around the world. Rather than just a commercial listing of properties, Rooms with a View is an artistic and romantic view of these lovely places, reflecting the distinctiveness and charm of these exceptional hotels and inns.

And, the hotels, l believe, have been "charmed" with the results of my efforts. Each of them receiving a copy of the original watercolor painting of either the hotel itself or one of the fabulous views from one of the hotel rooms. More than 90 hotels have participated to date - some charming family-run inns as well as many world-famous hotels. Each hotel is featured on this website, where visitors can enjoy learning about each hotel and see the painting it inspired. Many of the hotels also feature in my travel stories that I write for BCA Magazine and you’ll also find links to the PDFs of these stories on the hotel pages.

l am pleased and proud that the project has grown beyond Italy to include some extraordinarily beautiful hotels in Egypt, Russia, Slovenia, Germany, Portugal, The Netherlands, Vietnam, the Czech Republic, and Croatia, with more to come ...

I hope that you enjoy browsing through my artwork of these special places. And I hope it inspires you to travel, to book yourself a room with a view!

I dedicate this work to the Innkeepers.

Mille Grazie!!!

All images and reviews copyright 2018 by Ginda Simpson