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Situated at the confluence of the Tiber and the Chiascio rivers, Torgiano is a walled hilltop town with incredible views.  Constructed in the 13th century on the remains of an ancient Roman settlement, Torgiano served as outpost and refuge.  Surrounded by vineyards, it is still a place of quiet retreat, where a peaceful passeggiata takes one past quaint shops, walled gardens and stone markers on the side of the road that commemorate their WWI soldiers, one by one.  To lose oneself in Torgiano is a gift, and to do so while staying at Le Tre Vaselle is the ultimate self-indulgence.

Owned and operated by the Lungarotti Family of the famed Umbrian vineyards, Le Tre Vaselle is an elegantly restored manor house with spacious parlors and meeting rooms, and small sitting rooms, intimate enough for a party of two. The décor is soothing – antique furnishings, warm and strong in character are paired well with soft fabrics and colors, shifting shades from a palette of terracotta and celadon green.   If a guest chose never to leave this lovely country inn, one would not choose unwisely, for there is much to enjoy:  a swimming pool flanked by an ancient olive grove with views of surrounding farmland, outdoor terraces for simply sitting and reading, an indoor spa, and a world-renowned restaurant.  What more could one want!

Wine is ever-present here: presiding over gourmet meals in the Melograne Restaurant, over tastings in the cantina, in exhibits at the museum or on tour at the vineyards. But it also flows in many unexpected ways. Grapes have anti-oxidant and revitalizing properties that invite its use for therapeutic beauty treatments. At Le Tre Vaselle spa and wellness center, one could choose to languish in a wine bath, or have a massage with the essence of grapes, or perhaps a facial using scrubs and creams made from grape extracts.

One need not be a guest to dine at their restaurant, Le Melograne.  A large stone camino dominates the room, where the color palette has shifted to raspberry and sage.  An award-winning menu created by Executive Chef Domenico d’Imperio awards diners with an exceptional choice of dishes, in which local ingredients are prepared and plated to perfection.  Let your capable waiter help in the selection of wines from the Lungarotti vineyards, as they are at home here.  And so were we!

May 2010

All images and reviews copyright 2015 by Ginda Simpson

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Le Tre Vaselle Resort & Spa

Via Garibaldi, 48, 06089 ~ Torgiano ~ Umbria, Italy

Le Tre Vaselle Resort & Spa Still Life ~ Original watercolor painting by Ginda Simpson