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Hotel Villa degli Angeli overlooks Lake Albano, a volcanic lake in the Castelli Romani, a tranquil region only 25 miles southeast of Rome that has allured visitors since ancient times. Emperor Domitian chose the Castel Gandolfo region for one of his imperial palaces, archaeological remnants of which are not too distant from the hotel.  Castel Gandolfo is most noted as the place chosen as the summer residence for the Pope, and the Pontifical Palace dominates the main square. So, guests at Hotel Villa degli Angeli are in good company as they sit and sip an aperitif on the hotel terrace overlooking the waters with a panoramic view of the Castel Gandolfo on the opposite shore.  The air of the Alban Hills is refreshing and the light magical, enchanting residents and visitors alike.


All this is to be enjoyed while staying at Hotel Villa degli Angeli, newly renovated and remodelled to 4-star standards, for its enviable position, its fine accommodations and most especially for its restaurant. It is not surprising that it is the locale of choice for wedding receptions and celebrations of all sorts. All is not romance - many choose the hotel to host business meetings and various conferences and why not combine business with pleasure?


Our room had a spacious private terrace overlooking the lake – hot during the day, but delightful in the evening when a gentle breeze begins to stir and twilight tinges the surface of Lake Albano. A pool, built above the hotel and also overlooking the lake invites one to simply do nothing at all and isn’t that what a vacation should be?

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Villa degli Angeli

Via Spiaggia del Lago, 32, 00040 Castel Gandolfo ~ Lazio, Italy

View from terrace of hotel ~ Original watercolor painting by Ginda Simpson

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