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The Artist ~ Ginda Simpson

1987: First Place Award in the American-Italian Extempo Competition in Graphics , New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

1988: First Place Award in the American-Italian Extempo Competition in Graphics , New Orleans. Both prize-winning paintings are now in the Collection of the American-Italian Renaissance Foundation in New Orleans.

1992: Solo Exhibition of her paintings “Hill Towns of Italy” at the Cloister Gallery in Houston and at the Italian Cultural Center.  

1995: “Impressions of Egypt”, reproductions of her paintings, is produced as a calendar sponsored by AECWA, American Embassy, Cairo, Egypt.

1996: Solo Exhibition of her paintings entitled “The Continuing Journey” at Al-Shomou Gallery in Cairo, Egypt.  She also produced a limited-edition signed and numbered poster entitled “Egypt”.

1997: Morning of Light: An Egyptian Journal, her first book, is published under the sponsorship of Bechtel Corporation.  The book is a personal journal of stories and paintings of her life in Egypt.  At the same time, an exhibition of her paintings opened at the American University of Cairo.  During her six-year residence in Cairo, her work was exhibited annually at CSA in Ma’adi.

1999: In a showing entitled “Two Friends – Two Cultures” Ginda exhibited her paintings of Egypt in a two-person show with Ahmed Mansour, a renowned Egyptian artist.   

2001: Her second book, a memoir entitled Deeply Rooted in Faith & Family, was published.

2002: Ginda illustrated the book entitled An Abiding City by Neeman Sobhan, a Bangladeshi writer residing in Rome, Italy.

2009: Her third book, one of stories and recipes, El Marsam Cookbook: An Umbrian Farmhouse and its Kitchen, is published.

2010: Her fourth book, Love Endures All Things - A Journey with "AL"zheimers, is published.

2011: Rooms with a View and its companion book, Italian Wanderlust, are made available in print.

2012: A new edition of Morning of Light - An Egyptian Journal and its sequel, Afternoon of Honey, are published. A Kindle edition of El Marsam Cookbook is published by NimNam Books.

2013: A Kindle edition of Italian Wanderlust: A Traveler’s Journal  is published by NimNam Books.

2014: Kindle editions of Morning of Light  and Afternoon of Honey are published by NimNam Books.

2014: Exhibition, at the Palazzo del Podestà in Città di Castello, of paintings and jewelry in a two-women show with mosiac artist Valerie Zanotto.

2015: Italy: The Beauty and the Feast, a collection of travel stories, is published. Kindle edition of same title is released.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1948, Ginda Ayd Simpson is one of twelve children.  She has lived in Italy, Germany and Egypt and has traveled in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Russia, Southeast Asia and China.

Educated in the United States and Italy, Ginda has degrees in Italian and French and an Associate of Fine Arts Degree. In addition to private art studies for many years, she also trained at the Glassell School of Art in Houston.  

Ginda resides with her husband in the Umbrian countryside where she is daily inspired to record the beauty that surrounds her adopted home - with her pen or with her paintbrush. Ginda is a past member of the West Bank Art Guild, the Degas Pastel Society and the Cairo Art Guild.  She has written travel stories for Travel Today Egypt, Travel Today Arabia, Horus Magazine and writes monthly for BCA Magazine, Cairo.  

Visit her website to learn more.

All images and reviews copyright 2015 by Ginda Simpson