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Gardens in Italy

In addition to the exceptional hotels and decadent restaurants, the gardens in Italy, both private and public, showcase another special aspect to the beauty that is Italy. Click on the links below to learn more about these spectacular gardens and be sure to add one to your next itinerary.

All images and reviews copyright 2017 by Ginda Simpson

Il Sacro Bosco (The Monster Park)

Bomarzo, Viterbo, Lazio

I Giardini dei Tarocchi (The Tarot Gardens)

Garavicchio, Capalbio, Tuscany

I Giardini dei Tarocchi

Torrigiani Gardens

Florence, Tuscany

La Scarzuola

La Scarzuola

Montegabbione, Terni, Umbria

Villa Gamberaia Gardens

Gardens of Villa Gamberaia

Settignano, Florence