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Italy, in all her wondrous aspects, appeals to me – to my longing to learn from its past as well as its present, to my need to discover the world that surrounds me as well as my world within.  My artist’s eye is ever pleased, charmed, challenged and my notebook is always with me. I love Italia’s foods and her festas, her moods and her music, her cultural riches and her time-honored traditions.  

And so, I follow where my senses lead me  -  I feast my eyes on the ever-changing, ever-pleasing scenery, I listen to the silent songs of nature and find solace.  The lively voices of the people stimulate my imagination and their words entertain and instruct me.   I taste the pleasures of their tables and take comfort in the wholesome goodness of the food.

I have had the good fortune to experience Italy and its warm and wonderful hospitality while staying at the most delightful hotels and inns, stays that have deepened my appreciation of the country's offerings and intensified every pleasure.  There is nothing like seeing Italy from a Room with a View, whether it be the scene you see when you open the shutters, or the one that you see when you open your heart and soul to Italy and let her take up residence within.  

All images and reviews copyright 2018 by Ginda Simpson