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Within a stone's throw from the Colosseum, Palazzo Manfredi is a small, 17-room, four-star hotel in the center of ancient Rome.  At this hotel origianlly named Hotel dei Gladiatori, combat is not necessary to get the lion’s share – of pleasure that is.  The view of the Colosseum alone would make a stay here worthwhile.  Add to that the management’s dedication to the comfort of their guests and a stay here becomes just about perfect.

Looking at the Colosseum from my bedroom window, and then again from the rooftop terrace, I was awed by the grandeur of this ancient structure, dominating and dwarfing modern Rome.  A second bedroom window faced the Esquiline Hill, the site of Nero’s Domus Aurea, or “Golden House.   I spent the afternoon enjoying just being in the quiet of my pretty room, tastefully furnished in colors that soothed. In the evening, the marbled bathroom invited a little self-pampering.  Again, that view of the ancient arena, but now illuminated against a blue-velvet sky!

Being so close to the Colosseum enabled us to walk to many of the sites in the center of old Rome and a metro stop ensured that we could get just about anywhere in the city our itinerary warranted.  It is a splurge to stay at the Hotel dei Gladiatori and well worth it.

May 2006

View from Palazzo Manfredi ~ Original watercolor painting by Ginda Simpson

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Palazzo Manfredi

Via Labicana, 125, 00184 Roma, Italy

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