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Hotel Sole al Pantheon

Piazza della Rotonda, 63, 00186 Roma, Italy

Hotel Sole al Pantheon is one of the oldest hotels in Rome.  Documents, from as early as 1467, offer testimony to its history as an inn.  Located directly on the Piazza della Rotonda, the hotel can boast unobstructed views of the Pantheon, and there is nothing more seductive than a view of this ancient monument in full sun.  The hotel’s location midway between the Fountain of Trevi and the spectacular Piazza Navona makes it the ideal place to sojourn in Rome.  It is not surprising that accommodations at Hole Sole al Pantheon are greatly coveted and cherished.


All visitors to Rome come to see the incredible Pantheon, staring up in awe at the “hole” in its domed roof, contemplating its long history, and then enjoying some time in the sun-filled piazza at a café or simply seated on the steps of its central fountain with its ancient obelisk.  How lucky are we that have a room overlooking this lively piazza!


Each of the bedrooms is unique in its configuration and décor, reminiscent of the days when it was a popular inn. In the comfort of our room, we can enjoy a quiet respite from our day of sight-seeing, or we can throw open the shutters to watch the people in the piazza below.  All day long, there is the hum of a happy gathering and as nighttime falls over the city, the crowds remain dense, held captive by a timeless beauty.  The guests at Hotel Sole al Pantheon can join the multitude in the square or simply enjoy the music that floats upwards from a cello, violin, saxophone or accordion.  Last night, to great appreciation and applause, a tenor’s voice filled the piazza with arias by Italy’s favorite composers.


Staying at the Hotel Sole al Pantheon is to experience the heartbeat of Rome and leaves the traveler bewitched by her eternal charms.

March 2009

View from Hotel Sole al Pantheon ~ Original watercolor painting by Ginda Simpson

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